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How to Play a Flick Shot

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Learn to execute a Flick Shot by watching this short tutorial video.

Prepare yourself to play a game of Cricket.
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If you're new to cricket or wanting to improve your batting skills, this video is for you! Find out how to play a flick shot using the easy-to-follow instructions

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In this video, you will learn how to play a Flick Shot.

The flick shot relies on the wrists to redirect the ball to the leg side towards square leg or midwicket.

The perfect opportunity to play a flick shot is a a full-length delivery heading towards middle or leg stump.

The three key steps are: the position, the shot and the follow through.

Get into a side on stance with your weight distributed on the balls of your feet and your eyes level.

Take a short step towards the ball, leaning with your head slightly outside its line, and shift your weight into the shot.

Swing your arms in a downward arc as if playing an on drive and clip the ball off your legs by closing the face of the bat with a roll of your wrists.

Complete the stroke, with your hips rotating as you pivot on your front foot and let your bat continue naturally in its rolling motion.

Keep practicing the stroke to perfect your Flick shot.

Enjoy your game.


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