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Drag the Bat

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This fun game will test your running between the wickets.

Keep watching the programme to learn more fun games to practice your cricket skills.

This video will teach you fun game to reinforce grounding your bat as you run between the wickets.

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This game will help improve your ablility to run between the wickets.

You will require one cricket bat per team.

Each team consists of two players.

For each team, place two cones separated by half the length of a cricket pitch and another one 10 feet behind the starting cone.

One player from each team holds a bat and stands ready to run between the cones, while their teammate waits behind the third cone.

On reaching the second cone, the player grounds their bat and drags it through as though finding safety in a runout situation, before running back to the start.

Upon crossing the starting cone, they must drag their bat and then pass it on to their teammate like a baton.

The race is run just like a regular relay, but reinforcing the key principle of grounding the bat when running to the crease.

Enjoy your game.


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