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How to Score Runs

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In this video you will learn how to score runs in Cricket.

The material presented here may be used to learn or teach Cricket.
To learn how to stop runs, watch the videos from the section on fielding.

If you're playing cricket for the first time, you'll need to know about the different kinds of runs you can score in a game. Watch this video for everything you need to know!

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In this video, you will learn the different ways in which a team adds runs to its score.

In cricket all runs are scored while a team is batting.

The three basic ways to score runs are: running between the wickets, boundaries and extras.

The most common way to score runs in cricket is for the striker to hit the ball with the bat and for both batsmen to run between the wickets, exchanging ends of the pitch.

Each time they succesfully make contact with the opposite end of the pitch, one run is awarded to the striker.

When the ball is hit past the boundary line, having first made contact with the ground, the striker scores four runs.

An airborne shot past the boundary line earns the batsman six runs.

A bye run is scored when the delivery makes no contact with the batsman or their bat and rushes past the wicket keeper, allowing enough time to run between the wickets.

If such a ball crosses the boundary line, a bye results in four runs to the batting side.

If the ball hits the batsman's body instead of their bat, any runs scored are counted as leg byes.

Errors in a delivery can also result in runs being awarded to the batting team's score.

Common causes of a No Ball include delivering a full toss above the striker's waist and stepping over the bowling crease while releasing the ball.

A Wide Ball is a delivery that travels wide of where the batsman is standing as well as their initial stance, preventing them from attempting a normal stroke.

At the end of an innings, the individual scores of all the batsmen in a team are added together, along with all extras.

The winning team is the one with the higher total.

Enjoy your game.


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