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How to Throw the Ball

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This simple video will teach you how to throw the ball when fielding in a game of cricket.

The material presented in this video may be used to learn or teach the basic concepts of woodworking.
Don't miss the video on how to catch the ball.

Once you've gathered the ball, you'll need to be able to make a quick, accurate throw to field well against the batter. Watch this short video tutorial for some simple tips on how to throw the ball well in your game.

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In this video, you will learn how to throw the ball.

The key steps are throwing overarm, underarm and sidearm.

Grip it cross-seam with your first two fingers on top and thumb at the bottom so it doesn't swing in the air.

For an overarm throw, get into a side-on position with your target and point your non throwing arm towards it with a straightened elbow.

Turn down the thumb of your throwing hand and raise the arm behind you with the elbow above shoulder level.

Lock your front leg as you transfer your weight onto it, creating a strong movement of the hips that brings your chest out to face the target.

Swing your throwing arm forward and let both arms follow through behind the hip opposite to the throwing arm.

To avoid throwing over the wicket keeper, try getting the ball to the wicket in one pitch.

Use a crow hop or a forward hopping motion to build up the lateral momentum of your body towards the target.

For a quicker release at close range, get into a side on position with the ball held behind your neck and whip the elbow up and back.

When the ball is collected at close proximity to the target just above ground level, you can throw it with your arm moving sideways across your body to the target.

From the infield, you can also throw the ball underarm to not waste any time, but make sure your throwing arm is straight at the elbow to keep the ball at stump height.

When attempting a direct hit, aim at the base of the stumps to focus your target area.

Keep practising throwing the ball with accuracy, control and power.

Enjoy your game.


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