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How to Bowl in Cricket - Part 2

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Perfect your bowling action with this video breakdown of the sequence.

These videos are targeted towards beginners of Cricket.
Keep watching this series to learn more.

In this second video, find out how to develop your bowling technique even further to improve your game!

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In this video, you will learn to bowl with a complete run up and action.

Check the video 'How to Bowl - Part 1' to get started on the basics of the motion.

The four key steps are: the run up, the leap and stride, the release and the follow through.

Before you begin, measure your run up by running away from the bowling crease starting with your toes over the line.

Take enough steps to build your momentum and leap off of your front foot, the one on the side of your non-bowling arm.

Land onto the back foot, the one on the side of your bowling arm and stride forward so the toes of your front foot steps on the crease.

Mark the starting position of your run up.

Start running straight ahead with small steps, a smooth rhythm and back-and-forth movement of the arms.

Accelerate and straighten your body as you approach the crease.

Around three metres from the wicket, spring off your front foot, and lift the back knee.

Take the leap, swinging your bowling arm clockwise until it is between your eyes and the target and the non-bowling arm raised even higher.

Land on your back foot and stride forward onto your front foot, making sure that it does not cross the crease.

Maintain a straight and stiff front knee so your trunk is thrown forward.

As you take the stride, swing your bowling arm anti-clockwise to the release position.

Simultaneously swing your non-bowling arm down and behind you.

Release the ball after your front foot lands and before following through onto your back foot.

Once you get the technique, aim to pitch the ball three feet ahead of the batsman.

Remember that if you release the ball early you will bowl an overpitched delivery.

If you release the ball late you will end up bowling short.

Enjoy your game.


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