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Learn the Grip and Stance

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Learn how to grip the cricket bat and get into a batting stance.

The information represented in this series will initiate beginners to the game of Cricket.
Continue watching the next video to learn the backlift and footwork required by the batsman.

Getting your grip and your stance right is extremely important when matting. Learn how to perfect both with this simple tutorial video.

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In this video, you will learn how to grip the bat and get into a controlled batting stance.

When batting, the way in which you grip the bat and the stance with which you wait for the delivery both guide how ready you are to face the ball.

The 2 key steps are the grip and the stance.

Make a V-shape between the thumb and forefinger of your dominant hand and align its point with the ridge on the back of the blade.

Do the same with your non-dominant hand, but with the v-shape aligned slightly towards the outside edge.

For a right-handed batsman, the left hand should be above the right hand both positioned close together.

Take your guard by marking the line where the stump of your choice would intersect the crease.

In this case it is the middle stump.

Get into a side on stance with your feet about a foot apart on either side of the popping crease and apply weight on the balls of your feet.

Bend your knees just enough so that you are ready to spring forward or step back.

Tap the bat behind your back foot so that you're aware of your relative position to the wicket.

Make sure you don't lean on your bat when you ground it.

Hold your head steady with the eyes levelled and facing the bowler.

It is essential that you are comfortable and relaxed with your batting grip and stance.

Don't forget to watch the next video on the backlift and footwork.

Enjoy your game.


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