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How to Stop the Ball

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Learn how to stop the ball while fielding with this tutorial video.

This introductory program is meant to help anyone wishing to grasp the rules and techniques of Cricket.
Learn to throw the ball in the next video.

When fielding, it's important that you can stop and gather the ball quickly. This video will show you several different methods for doing this as efficiently as possible.

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In this video, you will learn how to stop a ball travelling along the ground.

The key steps are stopping, chasing and blocking the ball.

When the ball is hit in your direction, your first priority is to stop it in its path.

Attack the ball so you can get it into your hands sooner.

Bend your knees, get into a low and balanced position and collect the ball in front of your head.

Use the inside of the foot on the side of your throwing arm to back up your hands.

If the ball is moving fast or travelling through a bumpy patch, bring your knee down to the heel of the opposite leg and fence it safely with the long barrier.

Spread and point your fingers down and receive the ball with soft hands, bringing it up to your chest.

When the ball is rolling past you, chase after it and bend down to pick it up as soon as you catch up beside it.

If you're right handed, slide to the right of the ball on the side of your left leg and hip.

Get onto your feet in a balanced position as quickly as you can, level your eyes and take aim to throw.

If the ball is headed wide of your position in the outfield, run to intersect it before it reaches the boundary and block it with the side of your foot if you have to.

Expect the ball to come to you every single time and keep practising your fielding.

Enjoy your game.


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