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Equipment Used by the Wicketkeeper

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Learn the equipment needed to be a wicket keeper.

This is a guide for hobbyists and enthusiasts looking for a basic understanding of how to play Cricket.
Don't miss the video on learning the basics of wicket keeping.

This short tutorial video will help you discover the various equipment used by a wicket keeper in a game of cricket

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In this video, you will learn about the equipment used by a wicket keeper.

The cricket ball is capable of causing serious injury and there's no player that comes into contact with it as much as wicket keepers warranting special protective equipment.

An abdominal guard is tucked into the pouch of the cricket jockstrap to protect the pelvis.

Regular batting pads or special knee-high pads are worn to protect the shin and knees.

Ensure that the strap is looped between the legs so the loose ends don't stick to each other.

A helmet with a face guard helps protect the head from a fast-paced delivery.

A pair of cotton inner gloves are worn underneath the main gloves to soak up sweat, prevent blisters and provide a more snug fit.

The wicket keeper wears special gloves with extra protection around the ends of each finger and a web between the thumb and forefinger.

They protect the hands from the sting constantly receiving throws and deliveries Protect yourself well and keep your eyes on the ball.

Enjoy your game.

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