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How to Play a Back Foot Defence

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Learn the proper way to play the back foot defence when batting in cricket

The tips presented here will be help trainers introduce kids to the game of Cricket.
Don't miss the video on how to play a back foot defensive shot.

A back foot defence is a useful technique to use when the delivery is fast and the ball is bouncing high. Find out how to master it by watching this short video.

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In this video, you will learn how to play a back foot defence.

The back foot defence is played to block the ball rather than to score runs.

It is usually played to a fast delivery that falls short of good length and rises to the stumps with a high bounce.

The three key steps in a batting stroke are: getting into position, hitting the shot and following through.

Relax your body and assume a balanced stance with your eyes level.

Move your back foot towards the stump and shift your front foot to meet the back foot.

Raise your front elbow and swing the bat with its face angled down so the ball pitches right in front of you.

Hold your position instead of following through and hit the ball down with a relaxed grip.

Keep practicing the stroke to perfect your Back Foot Defence.

Enjoy your game.


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