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How to Bowl a Leg Spin

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Watch this video and learn to bowl Leg Spin.

This information will help you gain expertise in Cricket.
For a different variation of bowling the Leg Spin, watch the next video.

If you're playing cricket for the first time or looking to improve your bowling skills, check out this short tutorial to find out exactly how to bowl the perfect leg spin.

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In this video, you will learn how to bowl leg spin.

The basic variation of the leg spin for a right handed bowler involves turning the ball from the on side of the right-handed batsman to the off side.

The three key steps are: the grip, the run up and the delivery.

When bowling leg spin, grip the ball with the top knuckles of the index, middle and ring fingers spread well across the seam.

The little finger and thumb are pushed away to the sides, though some bowlers may use the support of the thumb.

Start at a short distance from the stumps and get into your leap as you approach the crease.

Use a bent wrist as you bring the ball close to the release, rolling it over, so the palm of your hand finishes facing the sky.

The turn in the ball is generated by spinning the ball from your ring finger towards your index finger, sending the ball up in the air and towards the batsman.

The delivery should be pitched towards the leg stump, so that it spins towards the off stump.

Keep practicing to perfect your leg spin.

Enjoy your game.


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