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How to Play a Leg Glance

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This video will teach you how to play a Leg Glance when batting.

This information will benefit those seeking to develop an interest in Cricket.
Keep watching to learn the Flick Shot.

If you want to develop your batting skills, check out this short tutorial video! It will show you everything you need to know to play a leg glance as well as teaching you when best to use it in a game situation.

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In this video, you will learn how to play a leg glance.

The leg glance can be played on the front or the back foot by deflecting the ball square or behind the wicket on the leg side.

The perfect opportunity to play a leg glance is an overpitched delivery headed on or outside the leg stump.

The three key steps are: the position, the shot and the follow through.

Relax your body and get into a balanced, side-on stance.

Raise your bat with a backlift pointing towards first slip in order to create space for an arc swinging towards the legside.

Take a short step towards the pitch of the ball and lean forward with your head and front shoulder, transfering your weight onto a bent front knee.

You can also play the shot off the backfoot to a more overpitched delivery.

Swing your bat down alongside your pad, roll your wrists to close the face of the bat and use the pace of the ball to glance it to the leg side, wide of the keeper.

Complete the stroke by naturally continuing the rolling movement of the bat.

Keep practicing the stroke to perfect your leg glance.

Enjoy your game.


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