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How to Play a Sweep Shot

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Discover the Sweep Shot with this simple tutorial video.

This video is part of a free online curriculum that takes you through the basics of Cricket.
In the next video you will learn how to play the Reverse Sweep.

Learn how and when to play a sweep shot in a game situation by following the step-by-step instructions in this tutorial.

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In this video, you will learn how to play a sweep shot.

The sweep shot is a crossed-batted, front foot shot played to the leg side, typically towards square leg or fine leg.

It is usually played to a low bouncing ball of good length falling on or outside the leg stump.

The three key steps are: the position, the shot and the follow through.

Assume a balanced side-on stance, creating enough backlift on the bat to power your shot.

Lean in towards the line of the ball with your head and front shoulder, getting your front foot as close to the pitch of the ball as possible.

Placing your front pad inside the line of the ball, bend your front leg as you let your back leg collapse.

With your head leaning out above the front foot and just outside the front knee, bring the bat down and across from the high backswing.

Present as much of the face of the bat as possible to the point of impact and roll your wrists to keep the ball grounded.

Finish with the bat in a high position or over your shoulder with your hands close to the front shoulder.

If the bowler spots your footwork and tries to bowl a quicker short ball, be ready to shift back onto your back foot and defend the ball.

Remember that a slight misjudgement can send the ball in the air or lead to a LBW.

Keep practicing the stroke to perfect your sweep shot.

Enjoy your game.


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