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French Cricket

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Learn to play a fun variation of French Cricket with this short tutorial video.

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This simple and fun game will help kids and adults alike get used to the bat and ball format.

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This variation of French Cricket is a fun way to get players interested in the bat and ball format of games.

You will require a cricket bat and a tennis ball.

A mimimum of four players are needed to play this game.

The batsman stands within a three foot circle with feet planted together on the ground.

The batsman's objective is to defend their legs by hitting the ball away, in order to avoid getting out.

The remaining players stand around the batsman, fielding the ball and throwing it at the batsman's legs below the knee.

The batsman may turn to face the next bowler only if the bat made contact with the previous delivery.

Fielders may choose to bowl or to pass the ball to each other and trap the batsman from behind.

The batsman is out if the ball strikes him below his knees, or if he moves his feet while defending himself.

The fielder holding the ball throws underarm from the exact spot where they caught or retreived it.

If a bowler succeeds in getting the batsman out, he becomes the next batsman.

Enjoy your game.


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