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Continuous Cricket

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This video will teach you how to play an exciting variation of Cricket for 4 or more players.

These fun games will help you get into cricket.
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Test and develop your endurance with this simple and fun variation on a game of cricket.

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This game will train you to run effectively between the wickets.

To play this game, you will need a bat, a ball, a wicket and a cone or marker.

You will requires a minimum of 4 players.

The batsman stands in front of the wicket, ready to face the ball, while the bowler stands opposite the wicket.

A fielder in the active part of the field retrieves and passes the ball back to the bowler and a wicket keeper returns the wide or missed deliveries.

If you have more fielders, you can open up more parts of the field to the batsman.

A marker is placed about 10 meters square of the wicket around which the batsman must run after every delivery whether or not he hits the ball.

As soon as the bowler receives the ball he can bowl again, whether or not the batsman is back from his run.

The batsman can be dismissed or by getting caught out or by getting bowled out.

When this happens, switch roles and continue.

The player or team with the highest runs is the winner.

Enjoy your game.


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