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How to Bowl an Outswinger

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Watch this video and work on your Outswinger.

This series will help you develop basic knowledge and skills in the game of Cricket
Don't miss the video on how to bowl an Inswinger.

The step by step instructions will take you through the technique required to bowl an outswinger and imrpove your bowling skills in cricket

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In this video, you will learn how to bowl an outswinger.

If bowled by a right-hander, it is a delivery that swings away from a right handed batsman.

The two key steps are: the grip and the delivery.

Grip the ball with the index and middle fingers close together on the seam, with the seam in a vertical position.

The ring and little fingers should be folded onto the palm.

The thumb should be on the seam underneath.

You should be able to slide a finger in between the palm and the ball.

Angle the seam towards the first slip.

Make sure that the shiny half of the ball is facing towards the batsman.

Run up to the batsman to bowl.

As you release the ball, cock your wrist and snap it to generate some extra pace.

Follow through with the bowling arm across the body.

Aim to bowl on the middle stump so that the ball swings away onto the off stump or just outside.

Practice bowling outswingers until you have good control over the swing.

Enjoy your game.


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