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How to Bowl Finger Spin

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Learn a variation of the Leg Spin bowled by turning the ball with the fingers rather than the wrist.

The content presented here is meant to inform and inspire anyone pursuing a better understanding of Cricket.
For the wrist spin variation of the Leg Spin, watch the previous video in this series.

Simply watch this short tutorial video to learn everything you need to know to perfect the technique of the bowl finger spin to improve your game.

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In this video, you will learn how to bowl finger spin.

Although it conventionally refers to the off spin, finger spin applies to a variety of deliveries that use the action of the fingers rather than the wrist to generate turn.

The three key steps are: the grip and the action, the leg spin variation and the off spin variation.

Place the first knuckle of your index and middle fingers on opposite sides of the seam and grip the ball tight using your thumb for support.

Walk towards the crease and get into your leap and stride action with your bowling arm comfortably close to the body, and release the ball with your palm facing the batsman.

To Bowl off Spin, roll the ball towards the leg side, by moving your index and middle fingers towards your third finger, as if you were squeezing a lemon.

Pitch the ball in line with the off stump so it spins into the leg stump.

To bowl leg spin, roll the ball towards the off side with your middle and index fingers moving towards your thumb, in a manney resembling the opposite of squeezing a lemon.

Try to pitch the ball in line with the leg stump, so that it spins towards the off stump.

Release the ball with enough flight in the delivery to keep the batsman guessing till the very last moment.

Try using the off spin as your stock delivery and introduce the leg spinning variation to deceive the batsman with an unexpected turn.

Keep practicing to perfect your spin.

Enjoy your game.


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