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How to Pitch the Stumps

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Learn how to pitch stumps before the match with this easy-to-follow video tutorial.

In the next video, you will learn to replace the grip on your bat.

This is the first step to any game of cricket, so make sure you know how to set up a game properly by following this simple video

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In this video, you will learn how to pitch stumps to set up the wicket.

You will need: a cricket bat, a cricket ball, three stumps and two bails.

Once you have pinpointed the exact location of the wicket, you can erect the stumps, starting with the middle stump in the center of the wicket.

Hold the stump using your non dominant hand and grip the bat with your dominant hand.

Hold it perpendicular to the ground and place the spike at the center of the wicket with the groove on top running square to the pitch.

Lift your bat with the blade up and hammer the stump down with the tip of the bat's handle.

Keep hammering it in till the spike is completely below ground.

If you have trouble, moisten the ground with water.

Now, place the second stump on one side of the middle stump, positioned square to the pitch.

Place the ball between the two stumps to make sure that it cannot pass through them.

Hammer it into the ground, just as before, ensuring that it is pependicular and the groove for the bails are square with the pitch.

Repeat the same process with the third stump on the other side of the middle stump.

Check to ensure that the stumps are in a straight line that runs square to the pitch.

You should now be able to balance the bails between the stumps, placing them in the groove.

Enjoy your game.


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