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Learn the Cat Pose - Marjariasana

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Inform your technique when performing the Cat Pose, Marjariasana.

The material presented here may be used to learn or teach Yoga to beginners.
In the next video, you will learn to perform the Half Lord of the Fishes Pose.

This pose flexes and strengthens the neck, shoulders and spine.
However, the techniques described in this series are not meant to be prescriptive.
Consult your physician before trying them out.

Sitar by Shri Basab Sen - "Abhogi" & "Jhinjhoti"
"Kast - Paradise" published by Alter K

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In this video, you will learn the Cat Pose, also known as Marjariasana.

Kneel down with your palms flat on the floor directly below the shoulders and your fingers pointing forward.

Make sure your thighs are perpendicular to the ground and your trunk parallel to it.

Flatten the top part of your feet on the floor and relax your body.

Exhale completely and touch your chest with your chin, while rounding your back as much as you can.

Now, Inhale deeply and look upwards as you arch your back, raising your tailbone and tightening your buttocks.

Repeat both positions five to ten times, shifting between them slowly and taking your time to stretch.

This pose flexes and strengthens the neck, shoulders and spine.

It is also said to improve digestion and relieve menstrual cramps.

You have now learnt Marjariasana, the Cat Pose.


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