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Learn the Garland Pose - Malasana

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Develop your Garland Pose, Malasana.

This content will help you understand the fundamentals of Yoga.
In the next video, you will learn the Lord of the Dance Pose.

This pose stretches the pelvis, relaxes the hips and tones the abdomen.
However, the techniques described in this series are not meant to be prescriptive.
Consult your physician before trying them out.

Sitar by Shri Basab Sen - "Abhogi" & "Jhinjhoti"
"Kast - Paradise" published by Alter K

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In this video, you will learn the Garland Pose, also known as Malasana.

Stand straight with your feet positioned parallel to each other and shoulder-width apart.

Inhale as you squat down with the soles of both feet flattened against the floor and toes pointing out diagnonally.

Place your elbows in the crease of your knees and gently push them out.

Increase the distance between your knees and keep your back perfectly erect.

Bring your palms together in front of your chest.

Breathe naturally as you stay in pose for 20-30 seconds or as long as your can without stressing yourself.

Slowly raise your body and resume the first stance.

Lift your heels if you can't flatten your soles and place your hands on the ground for support.

This pose stretches the pelvis, relaxes the hips and tones the abdomen.

It also stretches the Achilles tendons.

You have now learnt Malasana, the Garland Pose.


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