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Learn the Bow Pose - Dhanurasana

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Learn to get into the Bow Pose, Dhanurasana

This tutorial is part of a free, online program devoted to teaching Yoga.
In the next video, you will learn the Cobra Pose.

The bow pose strengthens the back and abdomen.
However, the techniques described in this series are not meant to be prescriptive.
Consult your physician before trying them out.

Sitar by Shri Basab Sen - "Abhogi" & "Jhinjhoti"
"Kast - Paradise" published by Alter K

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In this video, you will learn the Bow Pose, also known as Dhanurasana.

Lie face down on your stomach with your feet apart and arms by your side.

Exhale as you fold your knees and reach back to grab your ankles.

Inhale as you separate and pull your legs up, simultaneously raising your knees and chest off the floor.

Pull your head back, fix your eyes on a point in front of you and breathe naturally.

Bring your shoulders away from ears and keep your knees aligned with your hips.

Your entire body should rest on your abdomen, taut as a bow.

At the peak of the stretch, try to join your feet together.

Stay in pose for about 20 seconds, or as long as you can.

Exhale as you gently release your ankles and stretch out your legs and trunk on the floor.

Place your hands on either side and relax your body, resting your head on one cheek.

Get into child's pose to counter the position.

The bow pose strengthens the back and abdomen.

It also stretches the muscles of the legs, arms, chest, neck and shoulders.

You have now learnt Dhanurasana, the Bow Pose.


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