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Learn the Skull Shining Technique - Kapalabhati Pranayama

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Improve your breathing with the Skull Shining Technique, Kapalabhati Pranayama.

The information represented in this series will initiate beginners to the practice of Yoga
In the next video, you will learn the Breath of Fire.

This exercise cleans the pathways of the respiratory system, improves blood circulation.
However, the techniques described in this series are not meant to be prescriptive.
Consult your physician before trying them out.

Sitar by Shri Basab Sen - "Abhogi" & "Jhinjhoti"
"Kast - Paradise" published by Alter K

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In this video, you will learn the Skull Shining Breath Technique, also known as Kapalabhati Pranayama.

Sit in a comfortable position with your spine straight and shoulders relaxed.

Close your eyes and rest your hands on your knees, palms up.

Start by taking in a deep breath.

Now, quickly and forcibly contract your abdominal muscles and pull your naval into your spine, throwing out the air in a single swift expulsion.

Relax your abdomen immediately, so that the air naturally flows back inside.

Remember that only the exhalation takes place actively, as you pump out the air.

The inhalation takes place automatically when you release your abdominal muscles.

Start with one expulsion per second, thirty times per round.

Gradually try to increase this to 2 expulsions per second for 2 minutes per round.

You may place a palm on your stomach to feel your stomach contracting in a burst.

This exercise cleans the pathways of the respiratory system, improves blood circulation.

It is useful in curing asthma.

You have now learnt Kapalabhati Pranayama, the Skull Shining Breath Technique.


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