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Stretching the Joints before Playing

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Learn how to properly stretch your joints before playing footbal

This video is for any person who plays football. Warm ups can be important in preventing injury

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Aisling Flynn - Sikana
Aisling Flynn
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In this video, you are going to learn how to stretch your joints before playing football.

When you stretch your joints you are also loosening the ligaments and increasing the range of movement.

For football, there are 3 main joints which need to be stretched: the ankles, the knees and the wrists.

To stretch the ankles, take a step back with your right foot and position it with the toes touching the ground.

Rotate the ankle, keeping the tips of the toes in contact with the ground.

Do this for 20 seconds with each foot.

To stretch the knees, bring them together by stepping your feet together.

Place the palm of your left hand on your left knee and the palm of your right hand on your right knee.

Flex the knees and make circular motions.

Do this for 30 seconds.

Warm up the wrists by bringing your hands together with the palms touching.

Link your fingers and squeeze your hands together.

Make circular motions for 30 seconds.

You now know how to stretch your joints before playing.

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