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Soccer Skills: The Run-Around

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In this video you'll learn a quick skill to past your opponent.

This skill requires two things: pace and space. Practice often to get it right

Benjamin Tordjmann

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In this video you will learn how to do a “run around”, also known as “the belt”.

The run around allows you to “dribble” the ball past an opponent in front of you.

The essence of this technique is to flick the ball past your opponent while running around the opposite side of them, to then recover the ball.

Contrary to the “nutmeg”, the run around move is not compact; it requires a lot of free space on the pitch to pull it off.

In this video, we demonstrate the run around by using the outside of our foot.

Dribble the ball towards your opponent

Kick the ball to the right with the outside of your foot ,if you're right-footed.

Pass by your opponent via the opposite side, here the left

To pass the ball around another players' legs successfully, one element is vital: the difference in speed between you and your opponent

You'll either be quickly approaching an stationary opponent

Or you'll be the one who's stationary, waiting for your opponent to come towards you

as the player closes down on you, it will be twice as difficult for them to run back in the opposite direction.

Whilst the run around is normally only used to beat an opponent in front of you, always pay attention to where the other members of the opposition are too!

Make sure none of them are too close to the area of play where you intend to flick the ball.

You now know how to pull off a run around!

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