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How to Do a Long Throw In

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In this video you'll learn how to a long throw in

This video is for any footballing beginners

Benjamin Tordjmann

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In this video, you will learn how to perform a long throw-in.

Before learning how to perform a long throw-in, please check out the regular throw in video.

By throwing the ball longer than you would in a regular throw-in, a long throw-in is an opportunity to either turn a simple throw-in into an attacking opportunity for your team, or to distance the ball from your own goal in a defensive situation

There are important steps to mastering the long throw-in: shifting your upper body and getting proper momentum.

The first step consists of leaning backward as you hold the ball behind your head and shifting the weight of your upper body forward while contracting your core.

This forward shifting movement allows you to apply more force to your throw

The second step involves making sure you are taking three steps to gain momentum for the throw.

Make sure you keep both feet in contact with the ground or you will be commiting a foul

Following these two steps will put you naturally off-balance and toppling forwards

You can let the movement carry you a step forwards insid the pitch, but only once the ball has left your hands.

This will ensure you will not commit any fouls

You are now ready to try out long throw-ins!

over to you!

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