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How to Take a Penalty

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Learn how to take a penalty after a foul in the box has been awarded

If you're playing football for a team, you'll want to watch our video presenting useful tips on taking a penalty

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In this video, you are going to learn how to take a penalty.

In football, the referee awards a penalty if a player fouls an opposition player in his own penalty box.

A penalty consists of placing the ball on the penalty spot located 11 metres away from the goal line.

The player wants to score, whilst the goalkeeper wants to stop the ball.

Because you are close to the goal line when taking a penalty, you should kick with the inside of your foot.

Don't hesitate to watch our video on learning how to shoot with the inside of your foot.

Position yourself three steps behind the ball and two steps to the side, according to your plant foot.

Your plant foot is the foot you put your weight on while kicking.

In this video, the player's plant foot is his left foot.

To have a better chance of scoring, aim at the bottom corners, or at the top corners.

Try not to kick the ball at a medium height, as it is easier for the goalkeeper to save.

When you are taking the shot, the goalkeeper will watch your eyes and the positioning of your foot to try and guess where you are aiming.

Don't stare at your target and position your foot as late as you can.

If you see the goalkeeper diving to one side before you've taken your shot, aim for the other side of the goal.

You now know how to take a penalty !

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