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Soccer Skills: The Step Over

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In this video you'll learn one of the most commonly-used pieces of football skill around.

This is a classic bit of skill that all regularly footballer should try adding to their game

Benjamin Tordjmann

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In this video, you'll learn how to do a stepver

The stepover allows you to dribble around an opponent in front of you

It consists of tricking your opponent by making them think that you're going to dribble the ball in one direction, and then actually dribbling it in another

It's possible to do a stepover with each leg and then to link them together one after the other

To do a stepover with your left leg, dribble the ball towards your opponent

As soon as your opponent is in front of you, with a gap of about two metres, bring your left leg over and around the ball in a half-circle motion

To execute this, bypass the ball on the right hand side and position your foot at the same height as the ball on the left hand side

Next, bring the ball over to your right with the side of your right foot

You can do a stepover with your right leg by bypassing the ball on the left hand side, positioning your foot to the right of the ball, and then bringing it back with the outside of your left foot

Righ-footed players are naturally inclined to do a stepover with their right foot, and therefore to dribble with their left foot

It's the opposite for left-footed players

There are three important points when dribbling around your opponent with a stepover; pressing down with your leg after stepping over the ball, the speed of the skill, and speeding up afterwards

Firstly, pushing down with your leg

Once you've stepped over and around the ball in a half circle motion with your left or right leg, press down on that same leg to give some momentum to your change in direction

This movement will also make the tricking of your opponent at the beginning more believable

Next, the speed of the skill

Execute your stepover quickly

Without speed, the illusion won't work, and you won't get past your opponent

Lastly, speeding up afterwards

About two or three metres after the stepover, suddenly speed up to put a bit of distance between you and your opponent

You'll be well clear of them!

You can do a few stepovers before picking a side to stay on

We advise you not to do them too often because the more you do, the less your opponent will be taken by surprise!

Now you know how to do a stepover

Over to you!

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