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Soccer Skills: Control the Ball with Direction

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In this video you will learn how to control the ball and give it added direction

This will enable any play to skip past a fast-approaching opponent

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In this video, you will learn how to control the ball with direction.

In a competitive situation, controlling the ball and redirecting it allows you to get away from a nearby opponent.

We recommend that you watch our videos on controlling a ground pass and an overhead pass as they will be useful in mastering this technique.

Redirection consists of knocking the ball into an free space on the pitch from the moment of impact with your foot, allowing you to then continue dribbling the ball, make a pass or to shoot.

It can be done both after a ground pass or an overhead pass and with the inside or the outside of your foot.

In this video, the redirection will be performed after a ground pass.

The part of your foot used to direct the ball depends on the direction that you would like to move in

If you are right-footed for example, use the inside of your foot to direct to the left and the outside to direct to the right.

Keep your supporting foot firmy planted until the ball has been sent in the desired direction

In this example, the player's right foot is the supporting foot,.

Then, use this foot to push off quickly following the direction of the ball.

Before redirecting the ball, look around you to determine which area of the pitch you will be targeting and whether it is safe to do so!

Now you know how to control the ball with an added direction!

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