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How to Control the Ball with the Chest

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Learn how to use your chest while playing football

Football skills add flair to your game. Practice them regularly to leave your opponent high and dry!

Benjamin Tordjmann

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In this video, you are going to learn how to chest the ball.

Chesting the ball is a peculiar tecnique because it involves a part of the body which isn't used very often in football.

It consists of receiving the ball with the chest, making it land on the ground in front of you and then going on to pass, dribble or strike.

To properly control the ball with your chest, face the ball using small steps to adjust your position, in order to receive the ball in the centre of your torso

At the moment of impact, keep your two feet solidly anchored to the ground. Bend your legs, open your up your shoulders and chest by spreaing your elbows away from your body, directing them towards the ground. Lean back slightly

A successful chest touch will make the ball bounce off just in front of you.

Controlling the ball with your chest can scare some people

To better tackle this exercise, inhale deeply and inflate your lungs to swell up your ribcage

Stop your breathing once the ball makes contact with your chest.

By stopping your breathing you won't get winded. Now you know how to chest the ball

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