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Soccer Techniques: Long Pass

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In this video, you will learn how to do a long pass

Long balls can switch up game play instantly, they're a great technique to add to your game.

Benjamin Tordjmann

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Marie Bouchet - Sikana
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In this video, you are going to learn how to do a long range pass.

Long range passes are used to give the ball to a team-mate positioned far away from you.

You kick the ball high so that it is harder for the opponents to intercept it.

To do a long range pass, place your standing foot 20 centimeters left of the ball, if you are right-footed.

The standing foot is the foot that doesn't kick the ball.

In this video, the standing foot is the left foot.

Kick the lower part of the ball, the part that is in contact with the ground, with the upper part of the inside of your foot.

It is important that your studs skim the ground so that you can kick the ball high up in the air.

When you make contact with the ball, keep your kicking leg tensed, this will give you more power.

When kicking, you should raise your arm that is opposite to your kicking leg and slightly move it away from your body.

It will be useful to help you maintain balanced.

Now, you know how to do a long range pass!

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