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How to Dribble a Football

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Learn some key tips on how to dribble the ball in football

One of the fundamental elements of footballing, this video is for newcomers to the sport

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In this video you will learn how to dribble the ball.

Being good at dribbling is extremely important in football as it allows you to move whilst keeping possession of the ball.

A good dribble consists of keeping the ball close to you whilst being able to change your pace and direction frequently.

Two technical pieces of advice are important to keep in mind whilst dribbling: the movement of the legs and the power used whilst dribbling the ball.

Firstly, the leg movements

Take small steps whilst dribbling the ball with your strong foot, this will allow you to easily change direction.

Your strong foot is the one which you are more comfortable using for shooting

In this example, the right foot is the strong one.

The contact with the ball is done in between the lifting of the knee and the landing of the foot on the ground.

For a good dribble, the alternation between the use of the inside and outside of the foot is recommended.

Secondly, the power used whilst dribbling the ball.

Contact with the ball should be delicate.

The ankle of your stronger foot needs to be supple.

There is no use in using excessive force whilst dribbling, your speed and movements allow the ball to move forwards without the need for too much effort

The movement of your foot should be natural in terms of speed and your stride.

When you are training, make sure not to focus solely on your feet as you risk losing the overall vision of the game and the positioning of both your teammates and opponents.

Keep your torso straight and your gaze up, looking at the pitch.

To dribble successfully, focus on taking small steps, keeping your ankle supple and your torso upright.

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