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Discover Cardio Warm up Exercises before Playing

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In this video you'll learn a great cardio warm up to do before playing football

This video is for any person who plays football. Warm ups can be important in preventing injury

Benjamin Tordjmann

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In this video, you will learn an effective cardio warm up.

For this session, you will need a ball, 20 cones, and a goal.

A cardio warm-up promotes better bloodflow through the bodywhich in turn prepares the body for the physical effort to come

This consists of doing exercises that mimic the physical efforts made during a real match

The intensity of the exercises we propose in this video increase progressively.

We will show you 4 exercises that should be practiced in order to allow your body to warm up gradually as the intensity increases.

First exercise.

Jog at roughly 30% of your full speed around the ground for 10 minutes.

Your full speed is the fastest speed at which you can run.

Moderate your pace while jogging, you will need to progressively increase effort through the next exercises.

Second Exercise, the mirror game.

In addition to warming up, this game allows you to practice direction changes.

Place 2 rows of 3 cones directly across from each other in order to form 2 squares with a shared side.

Make sure the sides of the squares measure at least 7 paces.

A player stands at the center of each square.

One is the leader, the other is the follower.

The leader starts in the middle of his square and runs to one of the four sides of his square before returning to the center.

The leader repeats this, varying their direction, for around 30 seconds.

The follower must copy the same movements as the leader.

After 30 seconds they switch roles

Perform the exercise 4 times at around 50% of your full speed.

Third exercise, slaloms.

While warming up, this exercise will also allow you to practice direction changes.

Place 2 straight lines of 10 cones parallel to each other.

The last cones must be placed at the entrance of the penalty box and must be in line with the goal posts.

Place the ball at an equal distance between the last cones of each line.

One team positions itself at the beginning of each slalom, facing the goal.

At the sound of the whistle, the first player from each team slaloms, or weaves in and out of the cones, towards the goal

The first player to gain control of the ball goes to challenge the goalie in trying to score a goal.

The team of the player that touches the ball first gains a point.

If the player scores a goal on the shot they take, they get a second point.

The first team to gain 10 points wins the game.

Even if this game is more suited to attackers, it remains a good way to improve speed and precision.

Do this exercise at 70% of your maximal speed.

Finally the last exercise, high-intensity interval training (HIIT)

This exercise allows you to simulate the activity of a football game, meaning periods of intense sprints followed by rest periods.

Make groups of 5 or 6 players and position yourselves one after the other in a line with 2 metres between each person.

All the players jog at the same speed and in the same direction.

After a whistle, the player at the end of the line slaloms between the other players until he is the head of the line.

The player returns to a jogging pace to match his teammates.

Every 10 seconds, a whistle is blown.

The player who is now at the back of the line then slaloms through the other players as before.

Perform this exercise for 5 minutes at 100% of your maximum speed.

You now know how to warm up before playing football!

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