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Soccer Skills: Outside of the Foot Volley Flick

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Never heard of the pigeon wing? It's a little flick volley with the outside of your foot.

Football skills add flair to your game. Practice them regularly to leave your opponent high and dry!

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Benjamin Tordjmann

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In this video we will show you how to perform a “pigeon’s wing”

You can use this technique in a variety of situations during the match: to control the ball, redirect the ball, pass the ball, or to shoot.

A pigeon’s wing is where you flick on a waist-height aerial ball, using the outside of your foot or your heel, while keeping your leg bent.

At the point of impact, your knee should be closer to the ground than your foot.

It’s called the pigeon’s wing simply because as you bend your leg, it resembles a pigeon’s wing.

In order to practice this move, face a teammate as they throw balls to you at around hip-height.

Control the ball using the pigeon’s wing technique and then catch it with your hands.

If you can, try this exercise while moving, directing the flick-on in the direction of your run

Now you know how to do perform a pigeon’s wing!

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