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Soccer Skills: The Roulette Turn

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Sometimes called the Zidane or Marseille turn. This video will show you how to do a roulette in football

Dazzle your opponent with this great bit of skill

Benjamin Tordjmann

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In this video you will learn how to do a roulette, also known as a marseille turn.

A roulette allows you to dribble the ball around an opponent;

To do the roulette, you should dribble the ball with your strong foot.

Your strong foot is the one with which you are most confident when shotting the ball.

When you find yourself facing an opponent at close range (around 1 metre away), roll the ball backwards with the sole of your stronger foot.

Position your body profile to your opponent and turn away from them, moving the ball with the sole of your weaker foot to move past them.

The faster your roulette, the more likely you are to get past your opponent.

Next, accelerate sharply over 2 or 3 metres to create as much distance as possible between yourself and your opponent.

Do not try the roulette if your opponent is not trying to take the ball from you... you will not get past them. To practise, first try the move from a stationary position.

Once you have mastered this, try dribbling the ball slowly into the move, then while dribbling at a faster pace

Now you know how to do a roulette !

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