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Soccer Skills: The Feint

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In this video you will learn how to feint, or dummy, the body

A quick drop of the shoulder is all you need to shimmy past your opponent

Benjamin Tordjmann

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Angelique1 - Sikana
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In this video you will learn how to do a feint also known as a dummy.

The feint allows you to avoid an opponent who is in front of you.

The move is similar to a step-over and it consists of making the opponent think you are going to move in one direction so that you can quickly move the other way.

It is called a feint because the body movement tricks the opponent without needing to move the ball.

In order to do a feint, dribble towards your opponent.

When you are around a meter away, move the dribbling foot to the side of the ball and 30 cm away from it

In this example, the controlling foot is the right one.

Put all your weight on this leg.

If the feint is executed well, the opponent will think that you are dribbling the ball towards the right.

Quickly dribble the ball in the other direction using the outside of the other foot.

Here, it is the left one.

The more speedy the move is, the more easily fooled the defender will be.

So that this movement is speedy, don't put the heel of the foot that is doing the faking on the ground, only put down the ball of the foot.

This will give you more momentum when you change direction.

Now you know how to do a feint!

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