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How to Kick a Soccer Ball: Chip

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Learn how to chip the ball

It's a great way to dink a ball over a flailing goalie and into the back of the net.

Benjamin Tordjmann

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In this video, you will learn how to chip the ball

The 'chip' is a dramatic but difficult move that is mostly used to score goals.

It is used most often in a one-on-one situation when the goalkeeper moves towards the striker in an attempt to protect their goal.

This creates a space between the goalkeeper and the goal that gives the striker a chance to lob the ball into.

The chip can also be used to avoid an opponents tackle.

A chip consists of giving the ball a bell-shaped trajectory to allow it to pass over an obstacle.

To chip the ball, keep your body straight and your two feet facing your goal. Your body should be tilted slightly forward.

Use the top part of the tips of your toes to kick the part of the lowest part of the ball - where it is closest to the ground.

At the moment of impact your foot should be exactly perpendicular to your leg.

The shot should have little or no follow through -meaning that force should be applied and then stopped immediately as the ball leaves the ground.

The shorter the contact between your foot and the ball, the faster the ball will head into the air.

Now you know how to chip the ball !

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