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Soccer Skills: The Drag-Back

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In this video you will learn the football skill known as the drag-back

This one may take some practice before you might try it out during in a match situation

Benjamin Tordjmann

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Angelique1 - Sikana
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In this video you will learn how to do a drag-back

A drag-back allows you to get away from an opponent by going around them, whether they are in front of you or slightly to the side

In order to do a drag-back the ball should be around 50 cm away from you

Put your stonger foot on top of the ball

Your stronger foot is the one that you find easier to kick with

Your supporting foot should be facing the same way as your strong foot

In this example, the supporting foot is the left one.

With the sole of your foot, dragthe ball towards you in one movement and tap the ball off in a new direction using the inside of the same foot.

To execute this move well, the path of the ball should form a V shape.

If your opponent is too close to you, jump back with your supporting foot by making a large movement with the sole of your foot.

Now you know how to do a drag-back!

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