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How to Head a Soccer Ball

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Handy in both attacking and defensive situations, it's a technique all footballs should be comfortable with

Learn how to head the ball

Benjamin Tordjmann

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In this video you are going to learn how to head a ball.

According to recommendations of some footballing federations we advise children under 14 not to head the ball.

Heading a ball, or performing a ‘header,’ a very common type of strike in football.

Depending on situations in the game, it allows you to clear the ball, to make a pass to a teammate, or to score.

Heading is all about hitting the ball with the head, ideally with the forehead.

In this video we are going to concentrate on offensive headers meaning those which allow us to score a goal.

2 technical points to be remembered when heading a ball are: the balancing movement of the upper body and the area of contact of the head

First of all, the swing of the upper body:

To give your header power, bend your legs and swing your upper body from back to front, contracting the abdominals.

At the end of the swinging movement propel your neck forward towards the ball driving through it. Now the area of contact of the head...

Hit the ball with the uppermost part of the forehead.

This part of the head perfectly fits to the shape of the ball, and, being very bony, reduces considerably any pain you may feel

To be as accurate as possible, make small steps to adjust and optimise your body position.

Don’t close your eyes when you head the ball! Keep them open to aim better! To perform a head, remember to bend your legs and swing the upper body from back to front, and hit the ball with upper part of forehead.

Now, It’s your turn!

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