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Learn the Rules of a Soccer Throw In

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Learn the rules of a legal throw-in in this video to avoid giving away simple fouls

This video is for any newcomer to the sport awnting to brush up on the rules before playing

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In this video, you will learn the rules of a throw-in.

Throw-ins are very common in football.

They allow a player to get a ball that has left the pitch back into play.

Whenever a player knocks the ball off the sidelines of a pitch, a member of the opposing team will perform the throw-in.

To perform the throw-in the player must position themselves at the point where the ball left the pitch.

Your performance must respect certain rules in order to be legal.

The three rules to follow when performing a throw-in are as follows: the position of your feet, the way you hold the ball in your hands and the throwing technique.

Position your feet outside the boundaries of the pitch and keep them on the ground.

Hold the ball firmly between your hands.

For a better grip, bring together your two thumbs, forming a W shape with your index fingers. Then place your other fingers on the ball.

Hold the ball and your hands behind your head by bending your elbows and throw the ball back over your head.

Let go of the ball once is it above your head.

To throw the ball further, take a run up! For more information, watch our video on long throw-ins.

You now know how to perform a throw-in.

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