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Learn How to Take a Direct Free Kick

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In this video you will learn how to take a direct free kick

This is for any footballer hoping to improve their free kicking taking. It's a hard skill to master so remember that practice makes perfect!

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In this video, you will learn how to take a direct free-kick.

To get started you will need a ball, a goal and at least 5 players.

To avoid risking injury, check out our videos on how to warm up.

A direct free-kick is a chance to score a goal.

It is awarded when the referee signals a foul committed by a player outside his own penalty area.

The ball is placed where the foul occurred.

The opposing team forms a wall.

The players group closely together 9.15 metres from the ball to protect the goal.

The aim of the player taking the free-kick is to score despite the wall.

The keeper decides on the number of players and their position in the wall.

He usually positions the wall where the distance between the ball and the goal is the shortest

The wall protects part of the goal and the keeper protects the rest.

There are 2 possible techniques for scoring a free-kick: either aiming to the side of the wall where the keeper is or by kicking over the wall.

First of all, aiming to the side.

As the keeper is protecting this area, blast the ball using the instep as hard as you can to make it more difficult to save.

Check out our video on shooting using your instep.

Next, the shot over the wall.

To do this, make a curling shot, in other words a shot which follows a curved path to bypass the wall.

Check out our video 'Making a Curling Shot.'

Try not to lob the ball over the wall to score.

The ball won't have enough power and the keeper will be able to save it easily.

To take a direct free-kick, remember to shoot using your instep if you are aiming for the part of the goal which is not protected by the wall, or take a curling shot if you are aiming over the wall.

Over to you!

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