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Soccer Skills: The Sombrero

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In this video you'll learn how to do the sombrero football skill

Football skills add flair to your game. Practice them regularly to leave your opponent high and dry!

Benjamin Tordjmann

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in this video you will learn how to do a sombrero

a sombrero kick allows you to dribble past your opponent

it consists in flicking the the ball over the your opponent's head and resuming dribbling on the other side of them

a sombrero kick is generally performed when a player receives the balls at around waist-height and has spotted that an opponent marking them is approaching to make a tackle

to do a sombrero successfully, hit the ball with the top part of the foot so it is flicked just over your opponent but is sufficiently far away from them so that they cannot intercept it

at the moment of impact be ready to immediately slip past your your opponent to ensure that you're the first one back on the ball

if you kick the ball in too high an arch, the opponent will have enough time to adjust and make an interception

To help you practice this move, bounce a ball just in front of you and try lobbing is around 2 metres up in the air in the direction your are travelling

once you've mastered this, try doing a few in a row

you now know how do the sombrero trick shot

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