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How to Juggle a Soccer Ball

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Learn how to kick ups, also known as jugging the ball with your feet, it's great for your ball control

This video is for anyone wanting to work on their advanced ball control skills!

Benjamin Tordjmann

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In this video you are going to learn how to juggle with your feet, also known as kick-ups.

You will need a football and 4 cones to start with.

Practicing juggling helps improve your ball control as you are working on foot contacting the ball

Juggling consists of bouncing the ball on your feet without it touching the ground.

To achieve this you have to kick the ball with your instep, or in other words the upper part of the foot where your laces are.

Kick the ball gently so as to avoid it going above your head.

Switch the juggling foot as often as you can.

We are going to show you 3 exercises which will help you master the juggle.

First of all, mark out an area 3m2 with the cones to avoid moving about too much when juggling.

The first exercise works on the amount of force and direction to give the ball with each kick.

Take the ball in your hands facing you.

Let it fall and kick it before it touches the ground.

Catch it again with both hands.

The easier it gets to catch the ball, the more successful you become at juggling.

If you are comfortable with this, try to juggle the ball twice and then catch it with both hands.

The second exercise is for working on your supporting leg and your balance

Take the ball in your hands and then drop it in front of you.

Let the ball bounce once off the ground and then kick it as if you were juggling.

Let the ball bounce again and kick it again.

The less you move about between each kick, the better your juggling will become

Finally you can start juggling.

Set goals for yourself.

For example three juggles in a row

First 5, then 10...

Always put your foot back on the ground between each juggle and keep your balance.

Now you know how to juggle the ball with your feet

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