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Soccer Skills: The One-Two Pass

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Learn how to do a one-two passing move in football in this video.

If you play football regularly, this is a great technique to try out to get past your opponent effortlessly

Benjamin Tordjmann

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In this video, you'll learn how to do a one-two.

A one-two is done by 2 players when attacking. It consists of 2 quick passes to go past an opponent.

In this example, we'll use player A and player B.

Player A passes the ball to player B who is next to him, and then runs forward.

Player B passes it back with one touch.

Through his forward run, player A is now free from the defender and can control the ball.

3 technical qualities are required to perform a good one-two: a precise first pass, a strong forward acceleration and a good second pass.

First and foremost, the first pass.

As your teammate will need to pass the ball back in one touch, you should try to make their task easier by aiming for their stronger foot and by keeping the ball on the ground.

Next, the acceleration forward.

Once you've passed the ball, spint forward to get an edge on your opponent.

Without this acceleration, you won't be able to lose your opponent and the second pass will become impossible.

Finally, the second pass.

You must try to give a through ball to your teammate, which means ahead of their run.

Don't aim for his feet but a few meters in front of them.

This will make it very difficult for the defender to intercept.

Try to wait for the defender to commit to a challenge before setting up the one-two.

As they'll charge towards you, it will be even tougher for them to go back in the opposite direction.

If they don't come towards you, you should try to go to them, until they launch into a challenge.

For a one-two, remember to give a precise first pass, to accelerate forward and to give a good through ball.

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