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How to Curl a Football

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Learn how to bend or curl the ball

This is a great technique to shoot the ball around a defensive wall when taking free kicks

Benjamin Tordjmann

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In this video you will learn how to make a curling shot.

A curling shot enables you to score a goal when there is an obstacle between the ball and the goal.

For example, a free kick where there is a wall of defenders.

The curling shot follows a curved path which moves the ball from right to left for a right-footer and left to right for a left-footer, because of the spin the player puts on the ball when it is kicked.

The shot is less powerful than one from the instep of the foot but is still very dangerous because the spin is difficult for the keeper to predict.

To make the curling shot we advise starting your run up from two steps behind the ball and three steps to the side according to your strongest foot.

If you are right-footed then run up from the left side of the ball.

Approach the ball, placing your plant foot approximately 20 cm diagonally behind the ball.

The plant foot is the one which does not kick the ball.

point it at a 45 degree angle from your target

Kick the centre of the ball with the front part of the inside of your foot.

Make a curved movement with your kicking leg.

It is this movement which creates the rotation of the ball and thus the spin when kicked.

This move is properly executed when the kicking foot follows through in the direction of the target after the shot.

Remember to aim for the centre of the ball and not the sides.

Kicking the ball too much towards one side will cause it to spin faster, but it will not have enough power to trouble the keeper.

You now know how to make a curling shot!

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