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How to Kick a Ball: Soccer Shots

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Learn how to kick the ball with your laces, otherwise known as the instep.

This is great for shooting with power

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In this video, you are going learn how to shoot with the instep of the foot

You should favour the instep kick when you want to surprise the goalkeeper with a powerful shot, for instance when you are outside of the penalty box.

The instep is the upper part of the foot, where you shoe laces usually are.

To do shoot with your instep, place your standing foot around 20 centimeters left of the the ball, if you are right-footed.

The standing foot is the one that you don't kick the ball with

Kick the ball with your instep, aiming for the centre of the ball.

If you kick the side of the ball, you will lose power.

If you kick too low, the ball will rise high and potentially go over the croosbar.

At the moment of impact, the kicking leg should be tensed and the ankle should be firm.

Your chest should be facing where you are aiming, and slightly leaning forward.

If your chest is not facing where you are aiming, you might miss the your target

If your chest is not leaning forwards, the ball might go too high, over the crossbar.

Make sure you tense your abdominal muscles when kicking.

You will be more stable and able to kick with more strength.

Now, you know how to do an shoot with your instep

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