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Goalkeeper: How to Do a Drop Kick

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Learn how to dispatch the ball as a goalkeep to your outfield players with a long drop kick

This video is targeted at newcomers to the sport of football

Benjamin Tordjmann

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In this video you will learn how to perform a goalkeeper's drop-kick clearance or pass

The drop-kick allows you to pass the ball to teammates over large distances.

To perform a drop-kick, hold the ball in both hands and take a 2-step run-up, putting your weight on your kicking foot first.

At the end of the second step, plant your weight firmly and let the ball slide onto the palm of the hand opposite the kicking foot.

Throw the ball gently forwards so that it comes into contact with the kicking foot 40cm from the ground.

At the moment of connection the leg should be straight and drive through the ball.

By imparting power you risk jumping forward slightly.

Put your weight on your kicking foot after the clearance.

By varying the angle of your body you can affect the distance and height of your clearances. The higher you kick the ball, the shorter the distance will be.

Certain experienced goalkeepers use a half-volley drop-kick to clear the ball.

This technique requires good coordination, as it involves dropping the ball in front of you and kicking it just after it bounces.

The kick will have a lower trajectory and will, therefore, go further.

Now you know how to perform a drop-kick clearance!

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