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Soccer Skills: The Two-Touch Dribble

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Learn this two-touch dribbling skill to get past an opponent in football

It's a great way to skip passed your opponent with ease.

Benjamin Tordjmann

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In this video we will show you how to perform a “two touch dribble”.

A two touch dribble will assist you in beating an opponent who is directly in front of you

The move involves flicking the ball quickly from one foot to the other in order to change your direction of play.

To perform this move, first dribble the ball towards your opponent.

Around 1 metre from your opponent, kick the ball with the inside of one foot to the inside of the other.

When the ball hits your second foot, angle it towards the area you want to the ball to go in, hitting it with the inside of the foot.

If the move is well-executed, your opponent facing you will be caught off-guard by the sudden change in direction.

There are 3 important points that will make your two touch dribble a success: your initial approach, the speed of execution and the immediate acceleration afterwards

Firstly, your initial approach.

Run towards your opponent.

Before even starting your move, you should know which side you are eventually going to run to.

Next, the speed of the execution.

Perform the two touch dribble as quickly as possible.

The faster it’s executed the harder it is to defend against.

Finally, acceleration.

As you come out of the two touch dribble, make a sudden burst of acceleration for 2 to 3 metres to put space between you and your opponent,

leaving them high and dry as you do so.

To practise, pass the ball from the inside of one foot to the other by jumping on the spot.

To pull off a two touch dribble you need to think about your initial approach so that you are attacking your opponent at pace, whilst ensuring you perform the move as quickly as possible, accelerating as you come out of the move.

over to you!

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