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Soccer Skills: Quickly Turn the Ball

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Learn this sweeping bit of skill to get past your opponent while running at speed

If you play football regularly, this is a great technique to try out to get past your opponent effortlessly

Benjamin Tordjmann

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In this video you will learn how to quicky turn the ball whilst dribbling

It's one of the most commonly-used dribbling techniques

and allows you to changes directions in one quick movement

the quick-turn consists in placing your foot on the opposite side of the ball to the direction dirction to that the is currently travelling in

In this video, we will show you an internal quick-turn since it's the most common one used

To do a quick-turn, remember two key points: the use of in the inside of the foot and the position of the supporting foot

First, the use of the inside of the foot

It's the side of the foot that have your big toe on it

Place it on the opposite side of the ball to the direciton it is travelling in, keeping your ankle tucked in to your body as best possible

The idea is to change the direction of the ball sharply

Next the position of the support footing

This is the one which is not used for performing the skill

As you are about to do your quick-turn, the supporting foot should be facing in the same direction as the foot performing the quick-turn

This allows to quickly resume running in a new direction and therefore to catch your opponent off-guard

The quick-turn is most effective when your opponent expects that you are going to shoot or pass the ball

Don't hesitate to use this feint skip past your opponents

To do a quick-turn, remember to use the inside of the foot and angle your supporting foot towards the direction you want to turn to as quickly as you can. Over to you!

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