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Soccer Skills: Control an Aerial Pass

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In this video, you'll learn how to control an aerial pass

This is a really tricky thing to get right. It's essential that newcomers to the sport work on this to avoid losing the ball too easily!

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In this video you will learn how to control an aerial pass.

During a game, you will often need to control the ball in the air, especially when controlling a long ball.

Controlling the ball in the air involves stopping a ball coming towards your from a height

The quicker the ball is brought down to the ground, the better the control.

Successful control of a ball in the air involves following the same steps as for controlling the ball on the ground.

We invite you to watch our video on how to control a pass along the ground before trying to control an aerial pass

in this video, we will show you have to control an aerial pass with the inside of the foot and this is most common and most natural technique used.

to control an aerial pass, pour your supporting leg to give you better balance

in this example, the supporting leg is the left leg

You should also bend the leg used to contorl the ball, at 90 degrees, to cushion the incoming ball

You foot should not resist against the force of the ball

Let your leg move back upon impact to absorb some of the ball's momentum

it should then bounce lightly off your foot and land just in front of you

we recommend that you practice a simple control of an aerial pass before trying out controlling an aerial pass and adding a direction to your control, which allows direct the ball into a particular area of the pitch

One thing at a time! Two practice this technique, try standing face-to-face with a partner, 3 metres from one another

Take turns throwing the ball to each other through the air and controlling it with the inside of the foot

Once the exercise gets too easy, stand a little further apart from each other

To control an aerial pass, remeember to bend both legs at the moment of impact and to not resist against the ball's momentum, but rather to cushion it with the foot.

Over to you!

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