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Soccer Drills: Improve Passing

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In this video you'll learn tips on how to improve your passing accuracy in football

This video is for players and coaches alike

Benjamin Tordjmann

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In this video, you'll learn how to improve your passing accuracy.

To train, you'll need to be at least 2 players. You'll also need a football and 10 cones.

The pass is the most important element in football.

We recommend that you should watch the videos to learn how to pass!

2 exercises are suggested in this video in order to improve the quality of your passes. The first related to the technique of the pass and the second to the precision of the pass.

Firstly, the technique of the pass.

Split into pairs and position yourselves 3 metres away from each other.

Pass the ball without control, close to the ground.

Link the most passes you can without having to control the ball whilst remaining in the same position.

If you are comfortable with this, alternate between passing with the left and right feet and move further away from each other.

You can also do this exercise on your own using a wall.

Face the wall and kick the ball against the wall.

This exercise forces you to direct the ball well and to avoid passes with bounces.

Without this, it will be more difficult for you to kick it back without controlling it.

Next, the precision of the pass.

The suggested exercise allows you to work on the direction of the pass, stopping it and in movement.

Place ten cones in a circle with a metre between each.

One payer should be n the centre and the other just outside of the circle, between two cones.

The player on the outside passes to the player in the middle and side-steps to the next space.

The player in the centre kicks the ball back to his teammate who immediately returns it.

The exercise is then done again without controlling the ball.

Do this round the whole circle in one direction and then then in the other before changing roles.

If you have problems in doing these exercise, think about kicking the ball with the bottom of your foot, angle your shoulders and your supporting foot towards the target.

You now know how to work on the quality of your passes!

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