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Learn How to Do a Jumping Header

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Learn how to do a jumping header

Heading is an integral part of both defensive and attacking play. Learn the proper technique here

Benjamin Tordjmann

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In this video, you'll learn how to do a header mid-jump

To conform to the guidelines of some football associations, it is not recommended that children under the age of 14 head the ball

Before doing a jumping header, watch the video 'How to do a header'

Doing a jumping header allows you to clear the ball, pass to a teammate, or to score.

With a jump, the player is higher up when they make contact with the ball, and therefore has more chance of gaining an advantage over the opposition.

In this video, we'll take the example of a jumping header used in an attacking context to score a goal

To do a header mid-jump, focus on the ball, position yourself along it's project path and take a run-up to jump high

swing the upper body forward to give add power and head the ball with the forehead

There are two technical points that are important to keep in mind; keeping your balance during the jump and the timing of the header

Firstly, keeping your balance during the jump

Make a controlled jump by moving your elbows away from your torso, and pointing towards the ground

This will help you keep your balance

Next, the timing of the header

Head the ball at the highest point of your jump. That means the moment between your ascent and descent

Otherwise, the header won't have the power or the precision that you want it to

To make learning to do this as easy as possible, practise this with small jumps first, and then move onto bigger jumps

Working on your jumps will enable you to rise up higher which will also make you more difficult to defend against!

Now you know how to do a jumping header

Over to you!

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